GreenTouch details roadmap for wiping out 90% of telecom’s energy demands


For the last 100 years, the communications industry has been focused on one goal: cramming more and more information into the same-sized pipes, whether those pipes are made of copper, optical fiber, or coaxial cable or hanging in the wireless ether. A consortium called GreenTouch, however, is betting that if the same scientific effort expended chasing each incremental increase in data efficiency could be redirected toward energy efficiency, we could nearly wipe the power footprint of our communications networks clean.

Alcatel-Lucent(s alu) launched GreenTouch in 2010 with the stated goal of making wireless and wireline networks 1,000 times more energy efficient than they are today in the long term. Three years later the consortium — which has grown to include 53 vendors, carriers and research institutions — is releasing its first set of recommendations to green up the telecom industry.

GreenTouch logoThe recommendations are a long list of technologies and network…

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