Nvidia’s new Tegra superchip boasts 150 Mbps speeds, but it’s not LTE-Advanced


Nvidia’s(s nvda) first integrated smartphone chip won’t just have the latest and greatest Tegra processor; it will support some impressive LTE connection speeds as well. Nvidia has upgraded the radio of its forthcoming Tegra 4i to support download speeds of 150 Mbps, capabilities it began demoing at CTIA Wireless in Las Vegas this week.

Nvidia is showing that even though it’s new to the radio silicon market, it’s keeping up with the technical prowess of the competition. The 150 Mbps benchmark is the most cutting edge LTE device currently available (in industry parlance it’s know as category 4 LTE), meaning the Tegra 4i can go head-to-head to with the superchips designed by Qualcomm(s qcom), Broadcom(s bcrm) and Altair Semiconductor.

But also like its competitors, Nvidia is been playing fast and loose with its marketing. It’s calling its modem “LTE-Advanced,” a benchmark no chipmaker in the industry is…

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